Scrape Instagram Users with iMacros Script Bot

This Instagram script is one of my favorites. These days working with Instagram influencers to promote your brand is absolutely necessary. Finding influencers is easier said than done unless you have this script. This Instagram script will extract a user’s list of followers and users they follow. The reason this is so powerful is because influencers usually follower other influencers. So if you find someone you can work with, you can find other potential influencers by checking who they follow. Repeat this process a few times and you’ll have a robust list of potential influencers to work with.

There’s one thing to note about this script. This script will save the list of users to a file named followers.csv. In the script you must change the desktop URL to add your own username. This script won’t work unless you have the correct path to your desktop. Any spaces in the path should be replaced with <SP>.


TAG POS={{!LOOP}} TYPE=A ATTR=CLASS:_2g7d5<SP>notranslate<SP>_o5iw8 EXTRACT=TXT

‘NOTE: You must change USERNAME below to your PC profile name. To find your username, right-click on a file on your desktop and go to Properties.


Let me know if you have any issues with a comment below or through email.

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