Like Home Feed Posts with iMacros JavaScript Macro

This is a new version of a previous iMacros script. The first version would stop after about ten posts. This new script uses JavaScript to like posts on your Instagram home feed.

To use this script, log into your Instagram account to bring up your home feed. You won’t be able to use the loop function on iMacros because this is a JavaScript file. This script is set up to like 5 posts on your home feed but you can change it to anything you like.

To change the number of posts to like change the number “5” in this piece of code: for (i=1;i<=5;i++){

Copy the script and save the macro with “.js” at the end without the quotes. For example, I have mine saved as “Like-Home-Feed.js” This script will not work if it’s saved as “.iim”

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or errors. If this script helps you, please consider leaving a Paypal tip to help pay for server costs.


var like;
like = “CODE:”;
like += “VERSION BUILD=9030808 RECORDER=FX” + “\n”;
like += “TAB T=1” + “\n”;
like += “TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=CLASS:glyphsSpriteHeart__outline*&&aria-label:Like” + “\n”;
like += “WAIT SECONDS=2” + “\n”;

for (i=1;i<=5;i++){

4 Comments on “Like Home Feed Posts with iMacros JavaScript Macro”

  1. Question 1: How to fix this error?
    SyntaxError: illegal character, line 173 (Error code: -991)

    Question 2: How to save file with js not iim ?

    1. Your first question is probably caused by not having the file saved as Javascript.

      To save it as .js rename the file in iMacros. Change .iim to .js.

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